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How soon do I need to start looking to make ...

Oct 21, 2020
March 31st 2021 probably feels like a long way off, but believe me, it’ll be upon us quicker than we appreciate. Cu [more]
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Carbon Zero Edinburgh by 2030: Practical or ...

Oct 14, 2020
At Evergreen Property, we want to promote sustainable living and development as part of our model. We are pleased t [more]
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Busting Property Jargon!!

Oct 07, 2020
Are you confused by some of the terminology you’ve heard getting thrown around in the Scottish Property market? Wel [more]
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Always Sunny in Edinburgh: What Property Age...

Sep 30, 2020
The media and agents have presented an extremely positive picture of the property market since lockdown restriction [more]
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Navigating a Closing Date in Scotland

Sep 23, 2020
For a property seller in Scotland, setting a closing date for a property is one of the best scenarios you can reach [more]
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Evergreen Property responds to the release o...

Sep 15, 2020
      On 14th September 2020, the Scottish Government released it consultation paper on the licensin [more]
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