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Evergreen Property Announces New Charity Partner

Posted by Barry Burton on November 5, 2019
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Evergreen Property Ltd is proud to announce a new-found partnership with Rainforest Trust UK. 
For every landlord that signs up with Evergreen Property, we will donate £50 to the charity, that equates a saving of 63 acres of Rainforest.
Rainforest Trust UK is one of the world’s most effective conservation charities. Rainforests safely store billions of tonnes of carbon, helping to mitigate climate change and stabilise global weather patterns. Rainforests are also home to 50% of the world’s species – many of which are critically endangered – and thousands of indigenous communities who rely on the forests for their food, water and economic prosperity. In short, they are one of the most important natural resources on Earth, and their long-term protection is absolutely vital for our survival.
Since teaming up with Rainforest Trust UK just a few weeks ago, we’ve already contributed on behalf of four landlords, who will each receive a personalised certificate.
For more information on the excellent work they do at Rainforest Trust UK, check out their website –

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