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We take the hassle out of property whether you are based in Scotland or further afield.

Evergreen Property Ltd are uniquely positioned to guide landlords as to the best course of action for their property.

We manage both short and long-term properties. We will advise with a clear conscience and will advise with honesty and integrity. With professional memberships in both short and long let associations, our landlords are the first to know of any change or news in property legislation. And, if you are considering selling your property, we have several close contacts who we can recommend.

Evergreen Property has been serving landlords from around the world over a decade.

We are acutely aware of the threat that the new Short Let Regulations and licensing legislation is having on our industry. We constantly offer our landlords advice on how they should be proceeding and we are constantly reviewing the situation on the ground. At present, we are unable to take on any short let properties that are not already operating, unless planning has been approved and a licence granted. We can take on the management of going concerns, looking for new management.

Our Services

Our Rates

Short-Term Rental Fee Structure

Our Short-Term Rental Fee Structure At Evergreen, we charge 18% (15% + VAT) of the net reservation costs, which means we take 18% of the reservation costs after the Online Travel Agency (OTA) takes their commission.

How We Work

After the initial viewing, proposal, and client instruction, we:

  1. Determine the target market and provide advice on how to furnish the property accordingly. If the property is already furnished, we will optimize the listing to match.
  2. Create and optimize listings on the two major channels, Booking.com and Airbnb, and link them to our channel manager to prevent double bookings.
  3. List with various corporate booking sites, such as Situ and Silverdoor, who over the years we have gained a good relationship with and many long bookings.
  4. List the property on our own website, which offers guests incentives for direct bookings and a direct link to our booking engine.
  5. If necessary, we will arrange for professional photos to be taken and deduct the cost from a future payment.
  6. As a director of the ASSC, Barry, stays informed about legislative changes and updates the team accordingly.
  7. Collaborate and organise cleaning with one of Edinburgh’s top cleaning teams.
  8. Handle bookings and payments from guests around the world.
  9. Manage the Booking.com commission and pay invoices from suppliers (cleaning, Booking.com, contractors), creating statements and paying the landlord on or around the 10th of each month.
  10. Verify guests’ credit cards, assess the risk of parties or illegal activity, and provide concierge services (such as arranging taxis, restaurant reservations, etc.) if requested.
  11. Provide landlords with back-end access to our channel manager and CRM system for full transparency.
  12. Handle minor maintenance issues while communicating with landlords.
  13. Respond to emails within 4 hours (between 8 am and 10 pm).

Note: For itemized statements of stays, landlords can log in to either system.

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Long-Term Fee Structure

Evergreen Property Ltd charges landlords a basic 12% (10%+VAT) of monthly rental for FULL management of their property.

What do we do for our fee and how do we work?

There is also a one -off £150 Set up fee that covers initial marketing, viewings and references of potential tenants.

  • Meet with you at the property and discuss all you need to know; this includes legal compliance and market rents for similar properties.
  • We offer landlords a service whereby we can get your property compliant with all legislation at cost.  We can arrange, EICRs, GSC, PAT, Legionella Testing and Smoke Detection Installation.
  • Your property will be marketed across many online channels.
  • We conduct all viewings.
  • Applicants are vetted fully including references from past landlords, current employers and applicants’ identity is verified. We will also check affordability, conduct a ‘soft search’ credit check and if necessary, get legally binding contracts drawn up with Guarantors.
  • We also offer a premium Marketing package at £250. This includes professional photography and floor plans.
  • Using our state of the art CRM system, we create E-signature leases (new PRT or Company Lease).
  • We collect and lodge deposit with Safe Deposits Scotland.
  • Council Tax and Utilities accounts will be transferred to the new tenants’ names.
  • We will create a short condition report with video free of charge; if you wish to have a full inventory, this is a chargeable service and carried out by an independent company.

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